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National TheaterOfficial Site

In addition to this museum is also the mostt important theater in the country. This 1897 palace was recently considered by Mexico's Ex-President Vicente Fox more beautiful than any existing building in Mexico. Admire during the morning the nineteen Century Italian paintings, the gold accents and marble statues. At the same time it offers in the afternoon or at night opera, theater or musical shows from national and international performers

Pre-Columbian Gold MuseumOfficial Site

Has an extraordinary collection of gold objects that reflect the world view, social structure and gold-working techniques of the Pre-Columbian peoples of Costa Rica. The exhibition showcases the use and function of the pieces, the technology of their fabrication, and their relationship to the natural world and the daily life of these societies. The collection consists of 1600 pieces of Pre-Columbian gold work that date from 500 AD to 1500 AD. The building, a landmark in Costa Rican architecture, is the country's only underground construction, designed specifically to accommodate a museum.  Shaped like an inverted pyramid, it has three architectural levels that reach a depth of 12 meters below street level

National MuseumOfficial Site

This is the place where Costa Rica abolished the army for ever in 1949. Located in a very well persevered old military fortress the National Museum tells the story of Costa Rica back thousands of years. Burial sites and devices of ceramics, stone and jade relate the history that 12 000 years began to be written. Admire the mystery of the perfect round rock spheres. Discover the great art objects of the Spanish colonial period. Also see the great collection of animals

Jade MuseumOfficial Site

This Jade Museum, is the world's largest collection of pre – Colombian jade and the only museum of its kind in the American continent. Displays more than 6,000 pieces of jade, clay, stone and gold artefacts, dating primarily from 300 BC to AD 700

The Craft ParkOfficial Site

This is the best place to buy Costa Rican crafts and souvenirs in San Jose. Strategically located in downtown San Jose, so the tourists that are visiting the city can easily access it. Close to attractions such as museums, plazas, hotels and restaurants.

San José Central MarketOfficial Site

This one centric old market, built in 1880, is the meeting place of all the producers of fresh vegetables of San José as well as fishermen who bring their products from the Pacific Ocean. Here you will also find all kind of handcrafts of different parts of the country. It is located only 6 blocks away (West direction).